Naveed Iqbal




TurnCon is a plugin for WordPress. Put simply, plugins extend the performance of the standard WordPress CMS. In our case, TurnCon makes WordPress run multilingual.


TurnCon lets authors compose content in different languages and equate content. It also consists of innovative functions for translation management and a user interface for expert content translation.


Using TurnCon needs no technical or programs abilities. Website admins can install it and turn their website multilingual, with no coding. TurnCon consists of a total API, for incorporating with other plugins and translation systems. By doing this, designers can quickly use TurnCon and turn their items into multilingual.


Some Numbers


WordPress powers over 20% of the whole Internet. For most updated statistics, see the variety of downloads for the current WordPress variation (this isn't really the variety of WordPress websites, but just the variety of times, the most current variation got downloaded). Our statistics reveal over 400,000 online websites running TurnCon.